Thursday, July 8, 2010

J.Wecks In Italia

My good friend Jenn Weckselblatt is currently painting in Venice, Italy as part of the New York University program for the arts. While I am highly, highly jealous of her place in the country I love, I think I love her new GIANT paintings more. The gesture of the paint and, as usual, her command of light is astonishing.
I have known Jenn since Arcadia and have always been jealous of her ability to create a glowing light unlike anyone else. Her change from working smaller to larger seems to thus far be a good transition; allowing her to create larger, more expressive strokes in her works.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Call for Entries: MELT

For our third show, we're introducing our first theme. It is a simple idea of something we view everyday in life. It is common. But to everyone it is something a little different.
It is the basis of many still lives by most, if not all, artists at one time. To you it could be what nourishes you. To another it could symbolize a struggle with vanity. Some don't have enough, while others decorate and decorate creating elaborate pieces of art to catch your eye.
Please take this theme in the most abstract of ways if you must.
I look forward to see what you come up with!

Submission cost: $20.00
Deadline: August 13, 2010

Send all submissions (also include a self address stamped envelope) to:
Megan Coonelly
2908 Elbridge St
Philadelphia, PA 19149

Please include:
Artist Name:

Any questions please email at