Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Calm Before

It is just over a week until we unveil the new TBD show, and I have not reached the "stressed" moment yet. Hooray! While I am sure that will change in the coming days, I take this calm with arms wide open.
The process of installation is much like that of painting itself. It is the organization of creating an environment that entices the viewer to continue. To follow a pace and complete a journey you have mapped out for the viewer's amusement. Everyone takes that journey through a gallery differently. Some never start at the first piece upon entering a the doors. Some ignore the piece directly to the right, while others are blind to the fourth sculpture above "that one painting." So maybe that's the true challenge: keeping the viewer's attention even when they start in the middle. Grabbing their attention enough that if they were to view the ending first, they will want to go back through and start from the beginning.

While you may want to know what to expect from the show I can say the following: The works involved in the show so far seem to convey sense of "comfort."

This Friday I will be releasing the names of the artists involved in the TBD: Artist exhibit.
Thank you for all of your support, and per usual any question please direct them to:


Monday, April 19, 2010

#2: Stay Seated

Hey Everyone,
Preparations are going well for our upcoming show and I should have a list of all the artists participating in the exhibit at the James Oliver Gallery up shortly.
Be sure to come out and join us May 7, 2010 for the opening of the show!

A special thanks to Dennis Beerley for once again putting together the flyers for the show. There were many variations done on this theme, and I will post them all for your viewing pleasure soon!

You may ask yourself: what does "Stay Seated" mean? Is it the theme for the exhibit? While there was no concrete theme for this show, "Stay Seated" is an idea I have played around with. The TBD itself is a phrase of always being on your toes. There is no set destination from one show to the next. Personally, I wasn't even sure May was going to happen. None the less, I am glad it is.

Stay Seated has many levels to it as well. In a way it's a relief that you can sit down having found a place for the work, and having been given another chance to be seen. For you to stay seated, sit back, relax and learn something new about an artist, or finding a different way to look at a painting, sculpture, ect.

In a way, this May, I am asking you to enter with an open mind to artists whose work are all different and try to find ways in which they are all brought together. Whether through similar palettes, use of line, use of furniture, or subject matter. I like the idea that so far these shows are a "melting pot" of art. It allows individuality of each piece to shine.
But that in no way means I object to themes, I'm sure in the future there will be many themes to play with.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Great News! It seems we may have found our home for May! After many weeks of attempting to contact several people/places/cardboard boxes under bridges, it's is almost official that the TBD Artists will be featured for a short time at the James Oliver Gallery in Old City, Philadelphia. While it would be a short run, it will be up for the first full week of May (First Friday in Old City!).
The James Oliver Gallery is located:
723 Chestnut St. 4th Floor Philadelphia, PA 19106

Why we're drawn once again to the 4th floor of a building, I'm not entirely sure! But I can promise another great show!

Please stay tuned for further details and in the meantime check out the official James Oliver Gallery website!