Monday, January 18, 2010

To Be Determined.

Sometimes the best ideas hit you out of no where. Sometimes it's during a conversation you weren't sure you would take seriously. Even if the idea was with you before, sometimes your gut finally takes hold and all you can think is: this is something you HAVE to do.
I'm very glad I listened to that gut feeling.
The inspiration for the TBDartists took hold fast, and because of the rate in which the organization has progressed it feels as though it was an idea on a whim (because in a way it was), and the response thus far has been more than I anticipated.
Those involved I respect as both artists and people. I know their passion for the arts runs deep, and it is that thought that has pushed me to make this happen.
"To Be Determined" begins as a statement to be said about our determination as artists. Our unbridled passion to be seen whether you are someone who has been showing for years or if it is your first time to be part of an exhibit. It is fearless.
As a traveling exhibit, we have no real "home," thus making our next place of exhibition "To Be Determined" as well.

On that note, I am please to announce our first show opening on February 5, 2010!

February 5, 2010 - February 27, 2010

319A North 11th Street
Floor 4
Philadelphia, PA 19107

More information to come on the artists, the progress and of course the show!

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