Saturday, February 6, 2010

#1: Thank You!!!

Well, she opened. It took four days to get the space ready, figure out how to light the pieces, paint the walls white and finally have enough confidence to say "yes, we are ready." And regardless of the weather, we were. There was a good response by those who attended, and I want to thank them for their interest and participation. To those who had to deal with me all week with the installation, thanks for being "Meg's bitch" for a couple of days as your hard work really paid off. I will post more pictures soon, but I currently just wanted to say "thank you."
For those who were unable to make it, no worries, the 20th (should the weather cooperate) will be a great time and you have a much better opportunity to come by and see the show. The gallery will be open during that time from 1pm onward. In the meantime the space will be closed due to a blizzard the rest of the weekend. I will post times for the space opening this coming weekend sometimes during the week.

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