Thursday, February 4, 2010

TBD... in more ways than one

Dear Everyone:
I understand the forecast snow plays a large factor in many of your choices to attend tomorrow's opening. While I cannot control mother nature, I can say the following:
I still plan to have it fully installed by tomorrow. That being said, I do plan on attending regardless of weather (but that's only because of who I am).
Should this turn into a blizzard and it disables many of you to attend this date I will throw out the following:
The show is open all month long. The hours will primarily be on the weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sundays), and you can check the blog regarding hours
I will also open up the artists' reception to be held on Feb. 20th to everyone as a "contingency date." It is the Saturday following Valentine's weekend, it will be an afternoon reception but I will also extend exhibiting hours so more people have a chance view it during the day or night.
Thank you all for your continued interest in the TBA and as the show is being installed I know it is going to be a show that you will all be glad you've attended at some point in the month of February.


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