Sunday, June 13, 2010

Holy Redeemer Thirft Shop

Coming this September, TBD Artists will be putting together a show at the Holy Redeemer Thrift Store.
Why a Thrift Store?
Why do people show in coffee shops? Is it for the exposure? Is it for the diversity in clientele? Probably both.

Why have I been involving different organizations in the TBD as of late? I think it is important for us not to only look out for ourselves and our abilities and our mission of being seen, but also that we can make a difference with other organizations with a similar cause. How are our causes similar? We desire exposure to be noted as either an artist or as a vessel to do good and make a difference in a community. Art can change communities, it can empower them no matter where they are seen. Art is alive everywhere and should be viewed everywhere. Whether it is at the small coffee shop, the thrift store, or the swanky gallery in Chelsea.

If you would like more information regarding this show, or any other upcoming show please contact Meg at:

Keep Creating!!

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